Bulk Pricing


Bespoke Orders 


At Angel Wholesale we have a team of buyers who source products from a range of suppliers in the UK, as well as from factories and manufacturers across the world including: North American, Europe and the Far East.  We have strong contacts with a number of factories in the far east who we have been using for over 30 years and produce a lot of bespoke products for us as well as other customers.  As such, we are perfectly positioned to partner with you on your next project.


If you are looking for a particular product either for a promotion, contract or just as a regular line and you can't find that within our current listings, then maybe a bespoke order quote could work for you.  Whether it's a branded soft toy for a company promotion or a set of unique plant pots for a contract with a large customer, our buyers can work with you to deliver this.  Bespoke orders will have a minimum order quantity, which will often be in the thousands, but can enable you to acheive just the look you want when an off-the-shelf product won't quite meet your requirements.


Please get in touch if you want to explore this further.


Bulk Pricing 


Angel Wholesale is commited to providing quality products at competitive prices by default.   As such we work hard to make sure that our base price is competitive and attractive within the market.  We also aim to provide bulk prices on every product across our range directly on the website.  There might however be some products missing these to please get in touch if you notice one and we will give you a better price on these.


Our bulk products should cover most of your requirements, however, if you are looking for a sufficiently large quantity (i.e. > 1,000 units) then please get in touch and we will look into what we can do to offer you a further discount.