VAT Prices

Please note all prices shown online are exclusive of VAT.

VAT is chargeable on all products sold within the UK apart from those products which are not subject to VAT.  This is revelant for most of our Children's clothing and accessories.  If VAT is not due on a product it will display this clearly on the product page, otherwise it would be subject to VAT.

VAT is added at the checkout on all products which are subject to VAT for orders send throughout the UK.

If you are an EU customer with a valid EU VAT number you can enter this when you reach the checkout and it will remove the VAT for you.

If you are a customer from outside of the EU your order will not be subject to VAT however you may still have to pay local import duties when you receive the order.

Please note that if we ship the item to a UK shipping agent for onward shipping we must still charge at this point, however after the goods have left the country you can contact us with this shipping certificate as proof of export and we can refund your VAT.