Amazon Orders

Amazon Fulfilment Orders


We can ship your order directly to an Amazon Fulfilment Centre, however we will apply a surcharge of £5.00 per order to cover the extra administration involved and labelling involved with these order


To place your order, please follow the steps below:



On checkout, please select add the word "Amazon Fulfilment" as the company name in the delivery address. By doing this, our system automatically recognises this and temporarily puts your order on hold. This allows time to measure and weigh the parcels which Amazon require.


We will then email you with the amount of parcels, weights & measurements of the parcel(s). 


Using these details you will then be able to produce and provide us with the Amazon label(s) to affix to the parcel(s) which can be sent to us via email along with the Amazon Fulfilment centres address you would the order to be delivered to. Please note that we will require these labels with 48 hours once being provided with the weights and dimensions. 


Our warehouse address is located at LE7 7NL for Amazon distribution reasons

Once your order has been shipped as per your delivery instructions we would not be able to make any changes or add dimensions.