Stockings & Sacks

The story of St Nicholas ( aka Father Christmas!) is intertwined with the history of the Christmas stocking. Three young girls could not marry without a dowry and they hung their stockings up to dry in front of the fire on Christmas Eve. St. Nick was passing buy and heard their plight and tossed 3 gold coins into their stockings and so they lived happily ever after. This story was retold and so children started to hang up their socks every Christmas Eve.


Angel Wholesale has a very large selection of Christmas Stockings and Santa sacks to choose from. Christmas Stockings and sacks are one of our best selling lines at Christmas and we have something very every budget and taste. Cute kids Xmas stockings, retro and traditional styles several with matching Santa sacks. 


Many of our customers choose our stockings for their personalisation businesses and we can help recommend the best ranges of Christmas stocking for this requirement.  


We also stock a fabulous range of Christmas stocking fillers and Christmas sweets to cross sell with your Christmas stockings and sacks.

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