Christmas Crackers

Christmas Crackers were first introduced to the UK around 1845 by Tom Smith a sweet maker from London. He was inspired by a trip to Paris where he saw beautifully wrapped 'Bon Bons' and decided to mimic the design in the UK. He added a motto and surprise gifts in the wrapping. They were not received as well as he had hoped with the British but one evening whilst sat by the fire he was inspired by the cracks and pops that the fire made and the idea of the 'snap' for crackers was born.

Christmas Crackers are now common place at the Christmas table but are gaining popularity celebrations at other times of the year too. At Angel Wholesale we stock a broad range of crackers from basic ranges to our very popular luxury range from Harvey Mason. We have Christmas crackers for children, luxury crackers and even ones for your favourite pet. With our vast wholesale range of crackers to choose from and our low minimum order you can offer your customers  a broader range to choose from. Why not take a look at our range of wholesale Christmas Tableware so that you can offer a co-ordinated colour range for add on sales.

Please note due to shipping restrictions we can only offer our wholesale Christmas crackers to be delivered within the UK.

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