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Christmas Elves

Santas Elves invade the UK each Christmas in increasing numbers. But where does the Christmas elf tradition come from? Do you know who Santas elves are? What is the tale behind their origin? What secrets do they guard?

Creatures rooted in north European and British folklore.They were often described as tiny, dwarf-like creatures, either male or female. They are said to be immortal and possess magical powers.In pagan times, Elves were believed to guard homes against evil. If you were good, the elves would be good to you, but if you were bad, they would play tricks on you. They were known to give people nightmares by sitting on their head while they were asleep.To keep the elves well fed, happy and out of mischief, people left a bowl of porridge on the doorstep at night.

Already associated with story telling and magic, elves began to be associated with Christmas in the mid 1800s, when they became Santa's helpers. Christmas celebrations were gathering popularity and Scandinavian writers penned the elves role as we know it today: good hearted fairy like helpers of Santa Claus that are sometimes mischievous.

Modern elves depicted as Santas little helpers. Christmas elves are typically described as diminutive green and red-clad creatures with pointy ears and pointy hats. They help Santa bring Christmas to life. They design and make toys and gifts for children, look after the reindeer and keep the sleigh in good condition. They keep Santas naughty and nice list in order, and guard the secret location of Santas village. Folklore tells that elves make sudden appearances in families in the run up to Christmas. They keep an eye on children, check who's naughty and who's nice and report their findings back to Santa. If you dont want to wake up on Christmas morning to find your stockings filled with lumps of coal or bundles of twigs you'd better be good for goodness sake!

Where do the elves and Santa live? Even today, no-one knows for sure were Santa and the elves live. In fact there are many conflicting reports about the location of the secret village. Certain sources say that Father Christmas village is in the North Pole, while others argue there are no reindeer in the North Pole but plenty in Lapland so the secret village must be hidden there.

With all these creatures keeping an eye on children in the run up to Christmas it seems that generations of parents have struggled with unruly behaviour at this time of the year. I think I like the modern incarnation of Christmas elves best though playful rather than scary. And no threat of corporal punishment or nightmares! The modern tradition now is to have a toy Elf sat watching over your children just before Christmas but when they are asleep they get up to all sorts of mischief and blame the children ! Angel Wholesale has a great selection of Elves and Elf accessories to continue this magical story telling. One of our most popular Christmas wholesale product lines!

xma03060 - Elf Surveillance Dummy Security Camera
Buy 1-6: £3.29 Each
Buy 6-12: £2.30 Each
Buy 12-24: £2.15 Each
Buy 24-48: £2.05 Each
Buy 48-96: £2.00 Each
Buy 96+: £1.95 Each
1,457 In Stock
xma02040 - Elf Finger Puppets 4.5cm
£0.79 £0.29 (Save 63%)
496 In Stock
B19332 - Medium Christmas Eve Elf Box
£5.79 £3.15 (Save 46%)
338 In Stock
xma03036 - 52pc Elf Snap Cards Pbhc
£1.28 £0.83 (Save 35%)
240 In Stock
B19331 - Small Christmas Eve Elf Box
£3.75 £1.99 (Save 47%)
227 In Stock
S13768 - Elf Red Wooden Sleigh (7x3x2 inch)
Buy 1-4: £2.49 Each
Buy 4+: £1.50 Each
174 In Stock
xma02020 - 174cm Boy Elf Clothes Line Decoration
£1.28 £0.83 (Save 35%)
184 In Stock
xma03065 - 3pk 3yards X 8cm(w) Elf Design Printed Tape
£1.28 £0.70 (Save 45%)
177 In Stock
xma05129 - 32cm Dangly Elf 2 Assorted  By Keel Toys
£7.99 £4.07 (Save 49%)
161 In Stock
C13163 - Elf Kids Bedtime Clock
£2.49 £1.50 (Save 40%)
136 In Stock
J10039 - Deluxe Single Large Naughty Elf Jokes (6 Asstd)
£2.49 £1.39 (Save 44%)
124 In Stock
msc013150 - 16inch Elf Christmas Bag
£1.28 £0.77 (Save 40%)
114 In Stock
xma02976 - Dangly Elf By Keel Toys 25cm
Buy 1-2: £6.99 Each
Buy 2+: £2.66 Each
97 In Stock
J10040 - Deluxe Single Naughty Elf Jokes (8 Asstd)
Buy 1-4: £1.66 Each
Buy 4+: £0.75 Each
96 In Stock
xma03069 - 20ft Pe Elf Design 20*30cm     Triangular Bunting With 10 Flags
Buy 1-6: £1.28 Each
Buy 6+: £0.72 Each
90 In Stock
msc013151 - 16x18x6 Inch Elf Collage Desg      Woven 140gsm Bag With Hangtag
Buy 1-6: £1.28 Each
Buy 6+: £0.78 Each
78 In Stock
msc013153 - Toddler Elf Outfit
Buy 1-6: £7.03 Each
Buy 6+: £4.65 Each
76 In Stock
C13159 - Daily Santa Christmas Cards /w envelope (24pc)
Buy 1-3: £1.66 Each
Buy 3+: £0.79 Each
68 In Stock
xma03076 - 125w X 185l X 100h Mm Polyston Twin 'elf Sleigh' In Box 2assorted
Buy 1-6: £5.12 Each
Buy 6+: £4.96 Each
68 In Stock
xma03038 - 12 Inch Long Legged Adult Soft  Body Vinyl Face Elf
£13.86 per pack of 6 (£2.31 each)
In Stock
msc013132 - 30m Red White Green 3 Col Elf  String. Shrink Wrpd.
Buy 1-6: £1.28 Each
Buy 6+: £0.70 Each
65 In Stock
xma02247 - 32cm Dangly Girl Elf - By Keel Toys
Buy 1-2: £8.79 Each
Buy 2+: £4.29 Each
63 In Stock
msc013141 - 10 Inchl X 5w X 4h Polystone 'elf  Bed' In Pvc Coated 3ply Box
Buy 1-6: £5.75 Each
Buy 6+: £3.88 Each
60 In Stock
msc013146 - 2 Inchpolystone Hand Painted Asst  Naughty But Lucky Elf Kring Db
Buy 1-6: £1.28 Each
Buy 6+: £0.72 Each
60 In Stock
xma02018 - Reuseable Elf House Wall Stickers
Buy 1-6: £1.28 Each
Buy 6+: £0.77 Each
58 In Stock
msc013133 - 3 Inch Elf Ornament With 3 Col        Changing Light In Printed Box
Buy 1-6: £2.55 Each
Buy 6+: £1.49 Each
57 In Stock
xma02012 - 3asstd Size 2pc Elf Pet Costume On Hanging Card
Buy 1-6: £2.55 Each
Buy 6+: £1.75 Each
56 In Stock
L10491 - Daily Santa Christmas Letter /w envelope (24pc)
Buy 1-3: £1.66 Each
Buy 3+: £0.79 Each
55 In Stock
msc013152 - Embroidered elf baby bodysuit
Buy 1-6: £5.75 Each
Buy 6+: £3.99 Each
55 In Stock
S13765 - Flexible Neon Elf "Been Good Today" Sign 2.5m
Buy 1-3: £7.49 Each
Buy 3+: £4.10 Each
53 In Stock
S13766 - Elf A-Frame Warning Elves Playing SIgn
Buy 1-3: £5.79 Each
Buy 3+: £3.10 Each
48 In Stock
xma02277 - Christmas Stocking Elf Design With Bells
Buy 1-6: £1.59 Each
Buy 6+: £0.83 Each
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xma03057 - 5pc Elf Baby Party Set With 4 Elf Babies+1pc Polystone Table
Buy 1-6: £7.99 Each
Buy 6+: £4.15 Each
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S13767 - Elf Polystyrene Sleigh /w light up rear and head lights
Buy 1-4: £7.49 Each
Buy 4+: £3.99 Each
46 In Stock
xma03074 - 56cm Elves Head Des With Wording  Sign For Garden Pvc Hang Card
Buy 1-12: £1.59 Each
Buy 12+: £0.83 Each
46 In Stock
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