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Writing Good Business Emails

Business emails are so important as they can be your main selling tool and the reason why a customer will keep returning. When you are a busy working Mum it can be difficult to juggle and find the time to write a good email but that extra few minutes can really make the difference. Typo’s can be amusing afterwards but embarrassing at the time so take time to proof read them too.


Some common email mistakes:

  • Sometimes we can write too little which can result in ambiguity so you may have a confused customer. Likewise you can write too much!
  • Tone – if the reply is hurried it can appear as too blunt
  • Sometimes we do not read their email fully so only answer part of their concerns
  • Misunderstanding cultural differences when English is not a customers first language
  • Try not to react to the ‘tone’ of the email when you reply and always keep it polite and professional
  • Use the spell checker and read through several times to avoid typo’s and grammar errors
  • Use bullet points rather than lots of text if the reply is complex
  • If you require action from the customer make it clear and provide clear contact details
  • If its a selling email include an image and a link and keep the sales message short and clear.
  • Don’t forget to thank them for their interest or custom.

I am far from perfect and I would like to share two email blunders of my own! Feel free to share yours!

My best typo:

‘I am rather busty at the moment’ to a male client

My worst auto correct:

Should have read ‘ Heidi’ and it was corrected bizarrely to ‘Hi Tit’ !

This article has some great guidelines for sending the perfect email:

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