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Star Quality!

We have just had these fabulous double layer knitted baby blankets come into stock. Beautifully made  for us in the UK. They are available in 6 gorgeous colours – baby pink, baby blue,rose pink, navy, cream & choc. I just love these – perfect for a traditional or contemporary nursery. These are just £7.80 each in a pack of 3 and can be ordered per colour. RRP £14.99-£19.99. These will always be a stock item for us as they are made in the UK.


bac01976 bac01977 bac01978 bac01979 bac01980 bac01981

‘Guest Book’ Onesie Baby Shower Idea for your Business

Baby Showers are here to stay. They have been popular in the US for years and have now found their way over to the UK.  I love looking at all the lovely ideas that people have to make their Baby Showers fun and unique. I came across this novel idea from Instead of a guest book you sign a onesie ( also known as a body suit). You could also use a cotton receiving blanket or baby T-Shirt. All you need are laundry marker pens and a blank body suit, t-shirt or blanket. Offering Baby Shower hosting packages is a great add on to your baby or gift based business or you could set yourself up as a professional baby shower party planner. We are stocking an ever increasing range of items for Baby Showers and Baby Shower Gifts and I am watching the trends to make sure we always have something different that you can offer your customers.

You will need: (our product codes are included in brackets)

1 Blank Onesie (bodysuit) , plain cotton receiving blanket or Baby T-Shirt (bac0678, bac01077,bac01896,bac0677)

Several Laundry marker pens (nap01558)

A gift box or keepsake box to store the finished item (ret0156)


Baby Shower Onesie Sign In_thumb[6]

Courtesy of

Take a look at this fab site as lots more great ideas

Baby ‘Guest Book’ Onesie

How to Make a Wash Cloth Reindeer

Our lovely customers already have orders for Christmas gifts and many of them are busy making these wonderful wash cloth Reindeers. For those of you new to the mad and wonderful World of wash cloth origami you can find how to make them here. I have put all the angel codes in for the items you need to make them.


Shopping List:
2 x washcloths, brown and white (bac01638 or bac01209 and  bac01084)
2 bars of  soap, aromatherapy tealights , chocolates or travel size toiletries (nap0813 or nap01362 or nap0279)
4 googly eyes (nap0269)
2 red pompoms (nap0556)
4 brown pipe cleaners (nap0561)
2 elastic bands (nap01482)
12 tiny jingle bells (nap01560)
Red ribbon and bow (ret0103 and nap01511)
Small bell (nap01559)
Glue spots or pads (nap01566)


1. Open wash cloth and place it on a flat surface with one corner facing  towards you – making a diamond shape.

2. Place the soap or gift in the centre .

3. Bring the corner facing you and the back corner up together. Roll the two corners backwards down to the top of the soap or gift.

4. Take the two side corners in your hands and bring together at the top this will form the ears. Secure them together with an elastic band next to the soap or gift. Shape to resemble ears.

5. Fold one pipe cleaner in half and push it between the ears and through the elastic band.

6. Cut another pipe cleaner in half and twist it around to make the antlers. Do this on both sides.

7. Attach the tiny jingle bells through the ends of the antlers. Fold the pipe cleaners back to secure them.

8. Tie a decorative ribbon or bow around the bottom of the ears. You can add a small bell or other embellishment.

9. Glue on a pompom nose and googly eyes.

Courtesy of:

Cute Wash Cloth Reindeer




Making a baby clothing bouquet tutorial

These gorgeous creations have become very popular in the UK as most hospitals now do not allow fresh flowers to be taken in to the new mum. I first came across a baby clothing bouquet when my husbands company bought me one as a gift after the birth of my 2nd little boy 7 years ago. I wanted to keep it as a keepsake but after no sleep for a week, no energy to do any washing and no clothes left I sat with my baby asleep on my chest and spent an hour unravelling the clothing ‘flowers’. The clothing roses magically turned into bibs, a hat, socks and body suits . Now 7 years on I did not imagine for one minute that I would be supplying all our lovely customers with everything they need to make these  themselves. I have included a fabulous tutorial which shows some of the techniques for making them yourselves. They can be quite fiddly so start off by making a few single roses with socks first so you get the feel of working with the different materials. For a basic sock rose all you need are the following to get you started nap0251, nap0346, gac0557. As you get more experienced you can experiment with bibs, bodysuits, hats and wash cloths. You can add quality foam roses, silk flowers, ribbons and picks to make it look like a professional florist bouquet. We stock everything you need including porto vases, tissue paper and bouquet collars for that finishing touch.

Making a Baby Clothing Bouquet Tutorial


nap0658 (2) ret0127 nap0251 gac0557 (1)nap0872nap0146


Launching our newest brand ‘Clair de Lune’

We are very pleased to be now working with quality baby brand ‘Clair de Lune’ who have be producing baby products since 1943. There are not many brands that can claim being around for that long! I fell in love with their funky and colourful fleece blankets with co-ordinating foot muffs and car seat cosies and gorgeous 100% cotton knitted pick & mix blankets. We will also be stocking a selection of their fabulous changing bags



Nappy Cake Tutorial

Nappy cakes or as they are known in America ‘Diaper Cakes are now big business over here in the UK and gaining popularity all the time. In France the direct translation would be ‘gâteau de couches’. The idea originates from the US and really started growing after an A list celeb being pictured in a UK magazine receiving one as a gift at her Baby Shower party. Baby Showers are another US import and are the reason bespoke baby gifts like nappy cakes and clothing bouquets are gaining popularity here in the UK. Typically they are held 2 weeks before the Mum’s due date and organised by friends and family. The guests bring gifts and share their experiences as Mum’s themselves. The host will organise invites, decorate the venue and organise the food. Quite often baby themed games are played for a bit of fun too! In France it is considered bad luck to celebrate an event before it has happened so they have something similar after the birth of the baby and we are seeing more and more customers from across Europe interested in making and selling Nappy Cakes and Baby Shower gifts.

The most common request we get is ‘how do we make nappy cakes’ or ‘do you have any tutorials on how to make nappy cakes’. There are superb companies in the UK offering professional nappy cake training classes such as but for those just interested in learning the basics or those on a tight budget these tutorials can be a great help. To be truly successful you need to come up with your own designs and find your own unique style and niche but these tutorials can help you get started with the basics and then you can have fun experimenting with your own versions. Be aware that many designs you find on the internet are copyrighted so don’t copy them!

Angel Wholesale aim to stock everything you need to start your own nappy cake or bespoke baby gift business and hope we can offer you inspiration for making your creations beautiful and unique ! Below is one of my favourite designs created by one of our wonderful customers.





Our first blog post!

I set up Angel Wholesale just over 9 years ago after the birth of my eldest boy. It was shock when I did not have the perfect birth experience and ended up with quite a poorly baby. I decided that there was no way I could back to my full time job now I had this precious little life to look after. But after having a successful career in Sales & Marketing I found it hard to adjust to being a full-time Mum and needed something to help stimulate the old grey matter Angel Wholesale was the result! I started retailing baby clothes online but found it difficult to find suppliers that were willing to sell to me and they nearly all had minimum spends that were too high for my small budget. I decided to set up Angel Wholesale so I could be the type of wholesaler that I was looking for and the formula has worked with lots of very happy and successful customers nearly 9 years on.

I now have 3 boys under 11 and understand how tough it is to start up and run a business being a working Mum. I also understand how scary it can be taking your life in a different direction and starting your own business. I hope to use this blog to help Mum’s everywhere who need inspiration, support and guidance to start their own venture and to share my experience of being a Mumpreneur!

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